What Makes Them Click?

If you’re like us or any business owner you know that someone who clicks on your copy, your offer or your buy button is what keeps you in business

This article care of our expert friends at LeadPages (one of our favourite resources) explains how a few simple tweaks makes all the difference

Here’s the tips :-

A rarely talked about strategy for writing effective call-to-action (CTA) copy

You’ve crafted a landing page with all the important elements: A persuasive headline. Clear features and benefits. A glowing testimonial and some logos. Now you just need to write your CTA button copy and you’re good to go.

Without a second thought, you begin to type it out: L-E-A-R-N M-O…

Stop right there.

You’ve spent all that time creating an amazing landing page only to go for the close by asking someone if they want to “Learn More”?

There’s a better, more compelling, and simpler way to earn that click.

But what is it? What’s the difference between a yes and a pass?

It’s simple actually. And if a quick Google search is any indication, nobody’s talking about it.

Focus on the outcome, not the ask

Let’s say your page is trying to get people to sign up for a webinar. A common CTA button for the event might be “REGISTER NOW” or “SIGN UP”.

But what do those words bring to mind? Typing. Multiple fields. Effort. Ugh.

The brain involuntarily does some lightning-fast math to determine if the juice is worth the squeeze—and often concludes that it’s not. That’s hurting your conversion rate.

But what if you could say the same thing in a different way?


Now I’m picturing a little ‘Reserved” card on a velvet seat; exclusive access to a choice event. What I’m not thinking about? Fields to fill out (even though that will happen on the next page or pop-up—but you’ve already gotten me over that hurdle).

Another example of bad but common CTA copy: “DOWNLOAD PDF”

Immediately, pictures of a spinning wheel and download progress bar come to mind—something that requires time and patience. Thoughts of having to update a PDF reader follow close behind. It’s not something anyone wants to do. And so many will take a pass on a piece of content they’d otherwise benefit from.

Instead, using something like “GET YOUR COPY” makes the action seem easier and faster because the visitor isn’t thinking about the effort, they’re thinking about the outcome.

Just make the action seem easy.

Why we use lazy CTA copy

With the size and space constraints of a standard CTA button, it’s easy to see why so many marketers revert to ineffective CTA copy like “LEARN MORE”.

Even though a CTA button is only a few words long, it does a lot of heavy lifting. Arguably as much as your headline, body copy, and even social proof.

So it’s something you want to get right.

Next time you’re wrapping up a web or landing page, give your CTA button more than fleeting thought. Lower the barrier to entry of what you’re trying to get your prospect to do.

Make it seem simple.

Now you know 🙂

Chris And Susan

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What Makes Them Click?

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