To Sell Or Not To Sell…

… That Is The Question

Using a parody of the great William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

The truth is that you will never make any money from your ‘side hustle’ if you are not able to “sell”

This article puts it into perspective and as you read it we’re sure you will recognise yourself – we did!

After all we start our businesses / become entrepreneurs to make an income so it makes sense we need to be able to sell our stuff and not feel sleazy about it

The truth is


It seems ridiculous to have to spell this out, but it’s true : the more you actually rly learn how to create content that people want, market that content appropriately , build your funnel, and sell it to them, the more money you earn.

As the lady say “gird your loins” and…

Go do it!!!

Chris and Susan

It Doesn’t Matter How Many Side Hustles You Have If You Can’t Sell Yourself

How to turn your passion into profit:

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