The Secret To Success From Think And Grow Rich

We love this story from our entrepreneur friend Matt Morris

It’s as good as the book by the great man himself even!

“When I was 18 years old, my sponsor in network marketing gave me a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It was the first personal development book I had ever read and the thought of getting rich sounded great so I was excited to read it.

In the first part of the book it said “within this book lies the secret to success.”

Well, that got me even more excited because I was so broke I was practically living on Ramen noodles and the only reason I could afford to pay for college was because of cash advances on my credit cards.

I was anxious to learn this “secret” to success.

So I started reading the book and loved it… I remember wondering why books like this aren’t required reading in school.

But after completing the book, it never specifically said what the secret to success was.

I thought – maybe I was daydreaming when the book told the secret and I just missed it.

So I re-read it a second time. Carefully looking on every page so I wouldn’t miss the word “secret”.

I finished the book a second time and, once again, STILL didn’t read anything about the specific secret to success.


I decided that maybe I should read it again, but this time, determine for myself what the secret truly was.

So after reading it a 3rd time, I came to the conclusion that the secret of success was one simple word.


When you are truly determined to achieve something, you will let nothing stand in your way.

Every success story in the book was the same… they all experienced hardships, they all struggled and many looked as if they had no chance of succeeding

But because they were determined and never gave up, they became a success.

Thank goodness I locked in this secret at the beginning of my entrepreneurial career.

Because if it weren’t for a huge level of pig-headed determination on my part, there is no way I would have ever accomplished what I have.

I’ll tell you…

What I’ve discovered after 25 years as an entrepreneur is this…

Hard work and determination beats talent all day long.”

Isn’t that the truth!

Maybe not what we want to hear but definitely what we need to hear

And should you read it?

Absolutely you should because aside from this there are many good lessons to be learned

Never skimp on your personal development


Chris and Susan

The Secret To Success From Think And Grow Rich

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