The Great Retirement Illusion

Most people have a mental image of their ideal retirement…

It usually involves travel, beaches, golf and relaxation with the exception of golf that was definitely us

Some people end up living that dream, but for most people sadly it’s just an illusion

In our parents day and grand parents day (the 1900’s) many people attained financial independence working in a job or pursuing a career path for 35 years or so, scrimped and saved along the way and retired around age 65 with a nice nest egg that would last them for the rest of their life

And this was pretty much a universally accepted plan during the 20th century but there was one glaringly obvious problem that most people never discussed.

That the social security system (in whatever country you live) was not designed to take care of the size of population retiring and living far longer than anticipated

Even near the end of the 20th century, in the 1980’s, when the world’s average life expectancy soared… people were expected to live only to the ripe old age of 67 years.

The shocking truth is that the average household has only just enough money to get by on and very little in the way of savings and the truth is, only 5% of people following that traditional “career” path outlined above, ever achieve a comfortable retirement.

That leaves a huge number of well-intentioned, hard working people, who work their fingers to the bone, relying on social security, an inadequate pension or help from a family member just to get by and the few that do make it to retirement with a nice nest-egg, still have very few years to enjoy the fruits of their labour

Even now, early in the 21st century, with life expectancies finally close to 80, that leaves an average of 15 years to “live it up” in Las Vegas (or wherever you want to live it up)

It was when we were in our mid 50’s following the world wide crash and following recession of 2008 that we realised the perilous situation we were in

That there was only one way we would every become financially independent

That was to do it our own way!

While that may sound like a monumental task, thanks to the Internet, it is possible for the average person like us and like you to achieve that.

We started a online education and training business leveraging the power of affiliate marketing

And today anybody can do it, in any niche they want.

Best of all you can do it in your spare time and even if you have a full time job right now

That’s how we started 11 years ago so we know it’s possible and today things are far easier than they were when we started

But the real beauty of the do-it-yourself plan to retirement, is that it’s like retiring!

You get to set your own schedule. You get to travel when you want. You don’t have a commute. You don’t have a boss. And there is no cap on how much you can earn.

In fact, you never have to retire at all if you don’t want to

Personally, we never plan to retire!

So here’s our suggestion if you’re reading this and it’s finally dawning on you that  you need to do something about your retirement…

Start building a business of your own.

If you can build a small following and share your world with them, you may just be able to break free from the life of endless work

You can even do like we do and help fellow boomers — it’s now a HUGE market!

If you need help getting started, download this cheat sheet for baby boomers.

Two of our boomer friends Barb and Dennis created it for fellow boomers who are considering using the Internet to supplement their income

And if you decide to take the leap, we’re always available, so reach out to us if you ever need help.

We’ve been through the roller coaster of career, raising a family, redundancy, self employment and finally online business

We can help you get where you want to go and happy to offer our advice based on our own experiences

We’ve even written an eBook especially for you to get some background on starting an online business in retirement and we’re more than happy to offer our advice based on our own experiences.

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