Success Takes Time

Microsoft didn’t release Windows until it was 18 years old.

Lego was 23 years old before it launched it’s now-famous lego brick system.

Rolex was 23 years old before it sold the now-iconic Oyster Perpetual.

Disney (the company, not the man) was 32 years old when it opened up the gates of its first theme park.

David Attenborough had been working in nature documentaries for 25 years before he released the breakthrough footage on “Life on Earth” in 1979.

Apple went sideways for 14 years (1990-2004) and Steve Jobs was CEO for 6 of them.

James Dyson took 5 years to prototype his vacuum cleaner and then it took another 10 years to get it selling.

Nike achieved its first $1M in revenue 12 years in.

Cut yourself some slack

We are conditioned to think that success happens fast and in a straight line. It’s simply not true. Success takes time to even get going and then it often hits walls along the way.

With that said, don’t wait around for it to magically happen.

Assume you are closer than you think to a breakthrough.

You are sitting on an innovation, you have a remarkable network, the resources you need are just a few good pitches away.

You have the grit and the resilience required to carry this off.

You’ve got this 😉

By Daniel Priestley
Author ‘Oversubscribed’

“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade”

Never ever give up!!!

Chris and Susan

Success Takes Time

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