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Storytelling is something we’ve come to love in everything we do as entrepreneurs and we strongly suggest that you do too.

Quite honestly, storytellng is not something we do but rather it defines who you are and can be used in so many different ways but especially in your marketing.

“Storytelling To Attract Perfect Clients” is our keynote presentation and have taught it to thousands of solo-preneurs over the years 

The question we answer iswhy is it that it’s so important to become a storyteller?” 

We firmly believe that it’s because you can inspire and motivate others through storytelling and as an entrepreneur an essential way to persuade others to take a desired course of action – become a lead, client or customer

Think about it for a moment…

When you “pitch” your product or service to a new customer you’re telling a story.  When you craft an email, write a blog or social media post, or record a video, you’re telling a story. 

The magic happens when you can tell a transformative story that builds trust and inspires people to dream bigger or from a marketing perspective to boost sales.

Just think about some of the greatest entrepreneurial storytellers of the 21st century – people like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs and Gary Vaynerchuk.  They are leaders in their field on the basis of their ability to tell a transformational story.

Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill in business” Gary Vayerchuk 

Just imagine what it would be like to tell a story that goes viral …

As entrepreneurs that’s what we must work on every day so that we attract the perfect clients to our business and whether we like it or not, the best stories are those where failure and adversity features because we’re all of us hardwired to love “rags-to-riches” stories.  Struggle is part of nature and it’s why we find stories of adversity impossible to ignore.

When we first started our online business we told stories for sure but we didn’t believe we had any “rags-to-riches” story to tell.  Ours was just we wanted a better life in our retirement and couldn’t see how we could do that continuing as we were as accountants and management consultants.  We just wanted to tell stories about the better side of life.  It wasn’t until a few years into our online business career that we began to see how important it was to share some of the worst times so that through these stories of adversity we can actually help others who may have a similar story themselves.

Here’s some of the best ways you can leverage stories in marketing

Storytelling In Marketing – By Video

When we were in Las Vegas in 2016 we asked some friends who knew us very well if they would capture our story on video

You can watch it here 

Check out our story

Storytelling In Marketing – By Powerpoint

Just think about it – today we have so many tools and resources to tell stories.  Powerpoint has replaced drawing on cave walls (the earliest forms of storytelling that we know of) but the thing that hasn’t changed is tellng a captivating story that others want to hear.  We use powerpoint to present our training on storytelling but it is just a series of pictures we use to tell a story or to make a point.

Storytelling in Marketing – Social Media

As entrepreneurs in an age of social media, we have to remember that even though we are marketers that people are not on Facebook for example to be marketed to or sold to.  They are there to catch up with stories of friends … so what you write (even if it is an advert) should be in the guise of storytelling.

The most popular way of doing this is using a form of advertising called a “Post Engagement Advert”  (terms change as Facebook grows and changes so you might see a different name for it)

This is in the form of a story with a call to action inside it but when it is placed in the newsfeed of your target audience they don’t see it as an advert. 

They see it as a story

The thing that you will notice is that it doesn’t look like an advert and that it reads as a story …

This is one of the most powerful ways to use stories in your marketing at a very low cost but very high ROI.

You can tell other people’s stories or share content of value to your audience just by introducing it in the form of storytelling … people are far more likely to read and get engaged with your content and take action when it’s done in this way.

On a trip to Singapore where we made this presentation we met a wonderful young man by the name of Soon Leon Ng .  Soon was sat in the front row and was watching intently throughout our presentation and when we came off stage he came over to us …. and we discovered that he couldn’t speak and was deaf.  Unable to speak he wrote a text message on his phone telling us how our presentation on storytelling had really inspired him to tell his story.

You can read the story on our personal Facebook profile and read some of the comments from others who we met in Singapore.

This really does give you an example of why storytelling is so important and why as an entrepreneur and marketer you should learn this art.

In business you see everyting depends on your story.  If your story is not clear to you and to your clients then your business will not thrive.  It’s not just about writing marketing copy or developing a brand it’s about what only you can offer your clients and customers.  How you can add value way beyond their expectations and retain your authenticity and comfort level in your marketing.

When you think about it every successful person and every successful business has an amazing story in the background and we always remember the story

Thanks for joining us here today and hope you enjoyed the story and the training behind the story

Do let us know your thoughts or any questions you have for us on storytelling in marketing

And if you would like our help to tell your story do book a free call with us to chat about it

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