Solving Your Lifestyle Problems

Listen in to our friend and entrepreneur Chris Hawk Jones as he talks about the booming information industry and why good as they are courses, programs, blueprints are missing the ‘X Factor’

How we as course creators, experts, authors can contribute to a change that will see greater success for our clients and customers

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One Reply to “Solving Your Lifestyle Problems”

  1. Incidentally we watched that same presentation Chris talks about and it was without doubt one of the most amazing we have seen and not yet been surpassed…

    And to date 36.5K have bought the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB)- people passionate to turn their knowledge, skills or passion into a business

    And we’ve worked with some of those students who have gone on to create their own success around their expertise as a result

    Details are here if you want to watch that presentation :

    But as Chris says the information industry has to respond to change so more people can achieve the success they seek from their course, program or blueprint

    Have you ever purchased a program, course or blueprint and failed to complete it or follow through on it?

    We have to be the change we want to see and Chris is leading the way

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