My Facebook Was Hacked

We seriously hope this never happens to you because in a moment all your social collateral, memories and contacts could be taken away from you

Even if it’s not your fault

It happened to us

A hacker got into Susan’s Facebook account and posted an obscene photograph right about the time she posted a lovely memory of a day with her Mum and our grand-daughter

As soon as FB saw the obscene image they closed her account for going against Facebook’s standards

Quite rightly because they didn’t know she didn’t post it

And then we get a problem

Because they removed access to our business pages, her Facebook Ads Account and her Instagram account

She couldn’t even get a review because the links they send you by email ask for a review don’t work 🙁

And attempts to communicate with this faceless giant are useless

Countless hours searching Google hasn’t resolved our issue but this was the best of the articles we found on how to contact Facebook should you ever need to

Many links don’t work due to its change of name to Meta but you might get lucky

Good luck if it happens to you

And if you are reading this and know someone who can help do let us know

We would be eternally grateful

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