How We Find The Best Affiliate Programs And Offers

Let’s answer a question we got asked the other day on a call we had with a future client who was interested in getting started with affiliate marketing and wanted to know how we find he BEST affiliate programs and products to promote

We’ll do our best to answer that for you here and put it into perspective as well in case you have that same question

It’s no secret we love affiliate marketing but there are some rogues out there and it’s easy to be drawn to those shiny object we all love LOL

We’re big fans of promoting other people’s products rather than having to create our own or even wholesaling them to sell as our own

But as we’re sure you’ve seen, not all affiliate programs and products are created equally

In fact, when we’re picking an affiliate product to promote – it has to pass a few specific checks if it’s going to make it in our arsenal of regular promotion

Just because there’s an offer listed on Clickbank, Warrior Forum or JVZOO doesn’t automatically mean it’s worth our time and attention

So we wanted to take some time to give you a few rules when you’re looking for affiliate offers to promote in your own business

Now, this doesn’t mean you should never promote an offer that doesn’t meet one of these criteria…

But if you’re going to FOCUS on an offer as the core product you sell, we would highly suggest checking it against this list to see if it’s a good long-term solution for you

#1: Recurring Commissions

Many products with an affiliate program will offer you a one-time pay out for recommending their product but then keep the rest of the profits for themselves while you struggle to find more customers for their company

Instead, we like to find products that pay us for EVERY purchase a customer makes

That’s why for example we like LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Aweber,


They allow us to make a commission every time a customer renews their subscription, so you don’t have to continue hunting for new customers every month

If you continue to build your database of people you refer using these products this can compound into what many would consider a full-time income

Having a funnel builder and an autoresponder are two essential tools when you’re running an online affiliate marketing business

#2: Customer Support

If the company or product does not have customer support – the chances of people sticking around are virtually zero

Why? Because as soon as they face a roadblock they can’t overcome, they’ll begin to feel like they’re losing money by holding on to that subscription

So having a great customer support team let’s you know that once your customer signs up, the company will do everything in their power to keep them on board

We have personal experience of the customer support with these particular programs and all have great support

#3: Lifetime Partnerships

Ok, we love this one as you’ve probably guessed 🙂

Many companies will give you a commission on the first sale, or all of the sales within 24 hours…

But we like companies that will actually PARTNER with you meaning if you bring them a new customer, and they buy another product from that company one month, two months, even YEARS down the line, you will STILL get a commission for that sale

That’s why we particularly refer our students to a program for their education where this happens not just for us (we’re in business to make a profit after all) but for them if they decide to partner with that company after learning the ropes

If you’ve not seen that program you can check it out here

We would encourage you to look at the example we’ve set in affiliate offers and make sure anything else you promote has that high-level of offering before you promote them!

Alright, that’s enough for today…

We encourage you this week to find an affiliate offer you’d love to promote that meets all of the criteria above.

They are certainly out there if you search! 🙂

Let’s us know if we can help

Chris And Susan

Affiliate Marketers & Mentors

How We Find The Best Affiliate Programs And Offers

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