How Much Do I Need To Retire

Depending where you are in life this is something to consider (are you behind or doing well).

Are you on track to retire?

We remember having to give this serious thought way too late in life

So take your age multiplied by a factor of your salary.

So if you are 40 you should have at least 3x your salary.

If your salary is $100,000 then by age 40 you should be close to having $300,000 in your retirement fund.

The link below will take you to the full article and you can do the calculation for yourself

If you are not on track you might need to think of some other ways to achieve your goal like we did.

Consider this as your public service announcement to start putting things into place to hit your retirement goals.

And while you’re here think about your health

You definitely don’t want to focus on your health the day before you get sick

It starts today

Doing small things daily so over time your live your best life and have the money to enjoy it

Chris and Susan

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