Here’s How to Get More Likes on Facebook in 2021

I worked so hard and nobody noticed…

It’s disheartening to say the least…

And, at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I’m tempted to say it’s downright soul-crushing.

That post you worked on for hours. The one you poured your heart into — agonized over…

Editing every bit of punctuation a minimum of three times. Take the comma out. Put it back in. Make it an em-dash. Nah, that’s too much, back to the comma.

You break out in a cold sweat, close your eyes, finger hovering precariously over the “send” button, aaaannnnd you drop it. There it goes out into the world to make mama proud.

*Four hours later* Your masterpiece post has one measly “Like”— and it’s from your Great Aunt Shirley’s Bingo partner whom you met once at a family party 3 years ago.

Which makes you really start to question your life choices.

Maybe it’s time to call it quits on this whole social media thing. There are other ways to market my business online, right?

I mean you could pay to have Google put your ads at the top of keyword searches.

Or run a Facebook campaign for a couple months.

That’s one way to get the word out. Who cares that either of those will likely end up costing your entire month’s income to generate 1 or 2 solid leads? If you turn those leads into customers, you can probably break even.

Or you could go with the third option: hold onto your cash for the next 7 days…

… and just tweak your social media strategy in a few small steps.

Imagine if you had a new approach to marketing your biz on social that takes the pressure off of you to “come up with” all that content.

And instead, let’s you supplement your original content with other high-quality content your audience will love…

So you could be more consistent—posting regularly and getting eyes on your pages more frequently…

And with those tweaks, you could double or even triple your engagement (get more likes and shares) and cut the time you spend in half.

Sending twice as many leads to your landing pages…

And growing your revenue to that stretch goal you set for yourself. Ya know, the one that made your heart squeeze into your throat when you thought for a second about taking it seriously.

Enjoy and use this

Chris and Susan

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