Guide To Teaching, Training And Mentoring

Weall have something to offer the world.

Teaching or mentoring can be a hugely rewarding occupation, and we all have skills and knowledge we can pass on

What could be better than potentially changing someone’s life with your knowledge!

We’re firmly in the Information Age and

trainers, teachers, and mentors are highly sought-after in today’s world, and taking the time to develop this skill will pay you back many times over.

It’s something we have been doing ourselves for over a decade albeit we fell into teaching quite by accident

Now we work with people all over the world helping them develop their passion and purpose and leverage their skills and knowledge (especially those like ourselves 50 plus)

This wonderful training guide can help you get your business off the ground and as it’s a PLR (Private Label Rights) fully editable for your specific niche

Here’s a short list of what you could do with the content :-

Create your own ebook/audiobook/workbook product or course for sale

Merge this content with existing material of your own to build a unique course/product

Create a powerful lead magnet about teaching, training, and mentoring

Create a video series by making short videos based on the chapters and lessons in the main product

Create infographics for social sharing

Create Instagram/Pinterest posts about building your circle

Boost your Facebook/Twitter pages discussing training and mentoring

Extract key lessons from the program to share with coaching students or virtual classes

Create a webinar to pre-sell your training or coaching programs

Build a big bonus product to help you promote other Self Help based offers

Simply purchase a license today on our special offer page link below

Then download the content…

Make any edits you want…

And publish the material to meet your marketing needs!

It includes:

Self Help eBook: 29 pages, 6000 words fully editable eBook with Teaching, Training & Mentoring lessons, tips, and advice. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats

Enhanced eBook: Included is the new “enhanced” version of the eBook. It has an upgraded layout, formatting and includes images

Workbook: This workbook includes a system of exercises designed to help anyone put the info from the main eBook into action. 3 different eCovers included (with a flat PSD)

Audiobook: 30+ minute pre-recorded Audiobook narrated directly from the main eBook. Comes in mp3 format

Lead Generation Report: 1500 word fully editable “teaser” report related to the main theme of the eBook. Great for “pre-sales” to get people interested. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats

10 Part Autoresponder Sequence: Nurture leads with this autoresponder series. Each email message is editable and builds up to offering the main guide. Comes in Word, Pages, Text formats

Trainer’s Slide Deck: The main guide is broken down into an easy-to-follow slide deck. Perfect for speakers/trainers. Comes in PowerPoint and Keynote formats

10 Related Articles: 10 web-publishable, fully editable articles related to the main theme of the eBook. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats

2 Mini-Reports: Above articles formatted into 2 separate mini-reports including areas for branding and website. Comes in Word, Pages, Text formats

Articles Slide Decks: Each article repurposed into a slide deck. Great for sharing or for creating videos. Comes in PowerPoint and Keynote formats

eBook Checklist: An overview of the main eBook broken down into point form format. Perfect for handouts or as an introduction to the main guide. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats

Quote Posters For Social Media: 20 fully editable posters (800px by 1000px) showcasing various tips related to the main theme of the eBook. Comes is PNG and PSD editable formats

Infographic: Fully editable/customizable infographic. Outside The Lines: 8 Tips To Help You Live Life In Your Own Terms. Comes in PNG and PSD editable formats

20 Pinterest Images: Fully editable/customizable Pinterest optimized images (736px x 1104px for maximum impact). Comes in JPG and PSD editable formats

20 Instagram Images: Fully optimized Instagram images (1080px x 1080px) for business and personal branding. Comes in JPG and PSD editable formats

30 Tweets: Perfectly sized tweets each under 140 characters related to the main topic. Comes in TXT format

20 Facebook Posts: Posts ready to update your Facebook profiles and/or group statuses. Comes in TXT format

Marketing Suite: Ready-made sales letter, product thumbnails, and hand-curated photo collection.

We’re always looking forward the shortcuts to success for our clients and hope you find this of value in developing your business leveraging your skills, talents and knowledge

Chris And Susan

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Guide To Teaching, Training And Mentoring

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