Growing Your Audience On Instagram

If you’re not a model, celebrity, or photographer then posting ‘me-centric’ posts won’t grow your audience on Instagram…

And it won’t help you stand out in the newsfeed either.

Reels are awesome way to grow your audience on Instagram but there’s another type of post you can be using that will give you some major shares…

And shares = audience growth.

Because when someone shares your post with their network guess what happens?

You have more eyes on your posts for free and if your content is good then likely more followers too.

Introducing: Carousel Posts for education

Carousel posts are one of the best ways to educate and add value to your audience on Instagram.

They work awesome because they encourage your reader to swipe for more info which in turn keeps them engaging with your content longer.

People are also more likely to share and save these types of posts.

Saves and shares are the holy grail of IG because you want new people seeing your posts all the time.

So, how can you create a carousel post that will teach your audience something?

You can check out our friend Bec’s most recent carousel post for ideas

Enjoy 🙂

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