Going All In vs. Dabbling

We read a wonderful email the other day from a friend who is a business coach about the reason for lack of success his students report

And it reminds us so much of the conversations we have with students and clients

It’s usually centered around discipline or habit

For example

One of the first things people say when you tell them you work for yourself is:

“Isn’t it hard to be disciplined?”

In casual conversation, our usual response is something like, “Not really, because we really love what we do.”

And that’s perfectly true.

But of course, that doesn’t mean distraction doesn’t happen.

For example, we bet – at some time or other – you’ve started out with the best of intentions only to get derailed by…




New online tools



Social media

…or any of the other “evergreen distractions” that come with building your online business.

These things aren’t going away but as ever, it’s how you deal with them which will determine what effect they have on your growth and success.

This is why we talk about “Going All In.”

Going All In doesn’t mean working 10 hours a day, taking silly risks or re-mortgaging your house (we strongly advise against all of these).

Instead, it means building your business in a professional, methodical and sustainable way.

Going all in can be VERY liberating.

You wake up in the morning confident and calm and determined, you get stuff done and feel satisfied at the end of the day.

Day after day.

It’s built on commitment, to yourself and your business to follow through on your intentions.

It’s the opposite of dabbling – which frankly, is what most people do (more than they’ll admit).

If you have this follow through commitment then everything else tends to falls into place.

Because ultimately, it’s not your ability, age, intelligence, experience or appetite for working hours on end that is the biggest factor in your success.

Instead it’s simply showing up each day and doing a manageable amount of work on a sustainable basis towards your pre-meditated goal.

If you can incorporate this concept into the approach you have to your business, we predict you’ll see a huge improvement in your results.

We hope you found this helpful knowing you are not alone and that the problem can be solved with a little discipline, focus and the forming of practical habits that fit your personal situation

Chris and Susan

Going All In vs. Dabbling

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