Finding True Happiness

We were on a recent virtual event with Tony Robbins

Here’s something he said which is pretty significant (and a link to a short video clip)

We’re living in the greatest time in HISTORY — creativity, innovation, and opportunity exist like never before. We’re blessed to live in an abundant time, where so many of our desires are met instantly — at the touch of a button, the click of your mouse, the swipe of your thumb.

Most of us believe that instant gratification – the kind available to us at our fingertips at all times – equals happiness.

But what we’re really experiencing when we’re focused on what we get in life is the ILLUSION of happiness and fulfillment.

We live in a culture of EXPECTATION. We’ve been trained to focus on ourselves and our own needs. And when our desires and expectations aren’t met IMMEDIATELY, we feel lack, loss, frustration, rejection…

But the truth is, what makes us happy in life is NOT what we GET – it’s what we GIVE.

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