Entrepreneurship Is Hard!

“Lets start refocusing the conversation around #entrepreneurship in the world.

We’re in a rut, where the images and stories are about vacations, stuff, attractive people at fancy events, about how it’s for everyone and it’s made to look so easy…

Meanwhile it’s the loneliest and hardest gig out there…

All pressure and all eyes on you

Let’s make this about patience, hardwork, talent, smarts and focus …

Everyone has a fashion tee shirt brand, everyone is a influencer, everyone is writing and filming…

But who’s gonna be here in 3/4 years after an economic slow down or two, who’s a successful entrepreneur, who knows how to make money…

Lets all help each other and get back to focusing on the grind

… THE one thing that can help”

~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Food for thought!

Chris and Susan

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