Do You Know What Business You’re In?

We were reading an email from an entrepreneur friend asking this question of his subscribers and it got us thinking about that for you our blog readers

We share with you a whole range of articles

Marketing strategies and resources
Entrepreneurship Education & Training
Health & Wellness
Travel and lifestyle

We share them under “Cocktails With Chris and Susan” because there’s a story attached to that name going back a lot of years (and it’s a bit of fun too)

Our brand of Chris And Susan Beesley is very important to us and everything we do is part of an eco system that’s associated with that name, brand and our mission

To eliminate poverty in retirement through generating an online business income

To that end our people – those that we serve are usually 50 plus and in or approaching retirement and best summed up by what we say on our Facebook

“Helping Entrepreneurs 50 Plus Build Online Businesses From Anywhere In The World And Live Their Dream Retirement Lifestyle”

Everything we do is directed to that aim

We don’t pretend to be or do anything else

So think about your personal brand and what you stand for so your audience are not confused and can immediately say

“That’s the person who can help me achieve my dreams and goals”


Chris and Susan

Do You Know What Business You’re In?

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