4 Replies to “Stay Paid”

  1. This podcast was excellent with Dustin Brohm. My biggest take away is that you really need to show your audience the human side of your life so that they can feel like they know you and that builds trust.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Rosalind As entrepreneurs passionate about what we do we often forget that they want to see the human side of us first to make that connection and ultimately choose us as the person they want to be a customer of

  2. Loved this podcast. It was so insightful and I am working on my YouTube channel and the biggest thing that will help me is to let my audience see more of me so that they can get to know me and that builds trust.

    1. We can’t wait to see your YouTube Channel Rosalind – we are so fortunate to have social media to present our businesses and build connections and a brand. Do drop a link to your channel back here on your next visit 🙂

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