Blogging Ideas To Bring You Traffic

Today’s article come from a good friend an marketer Lilach and it goes like this:-

When was the last time you wrote a blog post or social media update that exceeded all expectations? So popular that you’ve been struggling to replicate the feat ever since?

Was it last week, last year…or have you yet to hit the jackpot and craft a bona fide viral post? If you’re still trying for that perfect post, here are a few ideas to inspire you. There are no guarantees when it comes to content creation, but the following options stand a good chance of hitting that sweet spot.

1. How-tos

You possess certain skills that others would love to have. Whether it’s the perfect cupcake recipe or a proven way to obtain a high score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, there are others who’d love to learn that knowledge. Write a comprehensive how-to and you’ll be thanked for it with high traffic and a high search ranking too.

2. FAQs

From Quora to Reddit, the web is awash with people seeking answers to questions ranging from the common to the esoteric. Pick a topic you’re familiar with, write a blog post that answers common questions pertaining to it and don’t be surprised if it’s soon picking up shedloads of traffic. Make a decent job of it and you might even feature in Google’s Knowledge Graph, bringing in guaranteed traffic every single day.

3. A rant

What’s on your mind? What’s really bothering you about your industry? Don’t keep it all bottled up – unleash it in the form of an opinionated and attention-grabbing rant. Don’t be rude and don’t lash out at specific people, but other than that run amok. Don’t be surprised if you strike a chord with hundreds of others who’ve been quietly nursing the same frustrations.

Those are just three ideas that spring to mind but there’s plenty more where that came from 🙂

Of course we have our own ideas since we find articles from around the web that our prospects, clients and customers are looking for and share them on our special blog here

Blogging Ideas To Bring You Traffic

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