Beaten Up By An Octopus

We all know that subject lines in emails (and your social media posts) are a MASSIVE part of getting people to STOP and engage

Same with blog posts

And we’ve no doubt this subject line got you to stop, even for a second

Here’s a secret about subject lines

Click bait works

Until people realise what you’re doing

And then it becomes less effective

Very quickly


Use a subject line that ties in with your message

And you have a winner

So what about being beaten up by an octopus

Is it real?

Or is it click bait?


And did you see how we tied it into the learning point of this post

Subject lines and your SM post headlines are important.

You get a split second to stop the scroll

Or move their finger away from the delete key


Put a little more thought into those words you use…


If you’re stuck for ideas

Use headlines from real life (like the Octopus)

And tie that into your business/theme if you can

Have fun!

Here’s the link to the article

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